Jeffrey B. Stamm


Perspectives on Illegal Drugs for Today's Law Enforcement Professional

Combining his 40 years of law enforcement experience in both the domestic and foreign arenas with an exhilarating and unapologetically realistic presentation style, Jeff Stamm has informed and inspired audiences across the United States with his hard-hitting and motivational presentation on why we must fight against illegal drug trafficking in our communities and nation.
Stamm also dispels, with blistering clarity, the various myths constantly peddled by our misguided elites and their willing accomplices in the media that the so-called war on drugs has “failed.” Lastly, the implications to the safety of U.S. law enforcement personnel—and our society—is illustrated with unambiguous and powerful examples.

The California Narcotics Officers’ Association has described Stamm’s presentation as nothing less than “a motivational and intellectual can of whip-ass for anyone engaged in drug control!”

To not target, arrest and imprison those who prey upon our fellow citizens—sometimes with unimaginable violence and barbarity—would not just be cowardly, it would be immoral.

On Dope is a fierce and scholarly polemic in defense of America’s current global efforts to control the use and trafficking of illegal drugs. With blistering evidence, the book indicts both a polluted pop culture that glorifies and mainstreams drug use, as well as particular segments of our political leadership for their astonishingly mute and feckless leadership on the issue. For those who believe that drugs ought to be legalized, On Dope will change their minds. And for those who already understand that drugs should remain controlled, this book provides a comprehensive and indispensable set of facts that illustrate the realities of the problem. With abundant examples from the real world, On Dope is a “radical” defense of our current drug control paradigm that, to paraphrase Churchill, is the worst system ever devised by the wit of man – except all the others.

"Stamm’s book is full of facts that destroy the false narratives about drug policy. I have been in law enforcement 25 years and this book is a must read for anyone who deals with the criminal justice system."

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